About Pang Pang

Creative. Art Director. Designer. Maker of things

Hi! My name is Andreas but everyone calls me Pang Pang. I am a multidisciplinary product designer with a passion for creative thinking, thoughtful design and tangible results. I was born and raised in tech savvy Stockholm. At an early age I wanted to create things, I wanted to find simple solutions to all kind of problems. I enjoy spending a lot of time outside of the box. I never try to invent the wheel but you can always improve it.

I love talking to the actual users of a product to get a deeper understanding of how something is used and get valuable insights in how to improve it. Great UX is about giving the users what they want.

Since my graduation from IT, media & Design and a course in Marketing at Berghs I have worked with different web agencies and start ups to create great experiences and real business value.

In my free time I enjoy ideating on startup ideas, exploring new products and learning everything related to my work. I also have my own clothing brand: Pang Pang Apparel and a newly found love for DJ:ing. Music, people, exploring and running is what gets me going.

Say Hello: andreas@ovefelt.se